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Warm-Up Lessons

Prepare for Success with Warm-up Lessons! Gain valuable behind-the-wheel experience and boost your confidence by practicing with our school's car for either 30 or 60 minutes before you take the Washington state road test. Our skilled instructors will guide you through essential maneuvers, ensuring you are fully equipped to ace the road test with ease.

The details...

Our "Warm-up Lessons" service offers a unique opportunity to refine your driving skills right before the road test. During the 30-60 minute practice session, you'll receive personalized coaching from our experienced instructors, targeting specific areas to fine-tune your performance. Gain the necessary composure and readiness to excel in your road test and approach the exam with confidence, knowing you've had a chance to warm up with our school's car.

When you sign up for a Warm Up session you will get hands-on practice followed by the official Washington state road test. It is the best option to guarantee confidence right before taking the road test. Those who sign up for Warm Up lessons have a higher passing rate!

Warm Up Pricing

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