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Teen Driver Education Course

Enroll in our Teen Driver Education Course today! Our comprehensive program equips young drivers with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate the roads confidently and responsibly. Led by experienced instructors, our courses cover vital topics such as traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and crucial safety measures. With a focus on professionalism and thoughtful education, we aim to empower teens to become skilled, safe, and conscientious drivers, setting them on the path to a lifetime of successful and secure driving experiences.


FYI: You must take a certified driver's education course to be eligible for your drivers license when you are 16-17 years old in the state of Washington.

The details...

Our Drivers Education Course is geared towards students aged 15-17 years old. We hold in-person classroom-style courses. Per Washington state requirement, our course closely follows the state's required curriculum and takes a total of 30 hours to complete. During this course we go over:

  1. Rules of the Road

  2. Vehicle Components

  3. Vehicle Handling

  4. Driver Behavior

  5. Sharing the Road

  6. Attention and Perception

  7. Hazard and Risk Management

  8. Vehicle Maintenance/ Malfunctions and Technology

  9. Managing Emergencies and Adverse Conditions

  10. Respect and Responsibility 

  11. Vehicle Technology Systems

Teen Driver Education Courses start August 7th 2023!

Teen Driver Education Course Pricings

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